Hazard Maintenance

Tree Condition or Management Surveys

Detailed assessments of tree condition for management or maintenance purposes, including;

  • Species, dimensions, age, vitality
  • Condition, appearance, presence of disease or defects
  • Pruning or tree surgery history
  • Amenity evaluation
  • Specification of recommended works
  • Management or replacement planting plans

To assess the quality and sustainability of the tree resource, identify management priorities and specifications of works, to satisfy insurance, occupiers’ and third party liability obligations. Recommendations for more detailed investigations as necessary; numbering of trees on site to facilitate future management.

Veteran Tree Assessment and Management

Detailed assessment and management recommendations for veteran trees, including;

  • Specialized tree age assessment, using non-invasive measurement and calculation techniques
  • Core sampling and analysis
  • Corroborative background and historical research
  • Appropriate management and monitoring recommendations