Arboricultural Management and Risk Assessment

The owners of property are responsible for the safety of the trees on that property and have a Duty to Care. Responsible property owners are advised to have their trees inspected on a regular basis by a competent person. We provide this service for a wide range of clients ranging from the RAC estate in Epsom with thousands of trees, to private residential estates with a few dozen trees and for private clients with just one tree. The range of services we provide include:

  • ‘Basic’ walkover surveys and zoning of risk areas for larger sites
  • Visual Tree Assessment (Mattheck and Breloer) looking for defects in trees and assessing vitality
  • Tree Risk Assessment Quantified (ISA methodology) of trees
  • ‘Detailed’ assessments of individual trees using diagnostic equipment and decay detection devices
  • Climbing inspections
  • Soil compaction testing
  • Pest and disease identification
  • Scientific identification of fungal material and disease diagnosis
  • Reporting of notable species/diseases to the relevant bodies
  • Tree tagging
  • Hazard survey schedules
  • Tree survey or tree works plans
  • Remedial or arboricultural management specifications
  • Prioritising works for limited budgets
  • Liaison with arboricultural association approved contractors
  • Preparation and submission of tree works applications and liaison with LPA tree officers

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