Arboricultural Problem Solving

In respect of the full range of services we provide we specialise in resolving problems with trees where previously a solution may not have been apparent. To achieve this, we draw upon a broad knowledge base, depth of experience, relationships with local tree officers, empathy for both clients and tree officers and where necessary our extensive arboricultural reference library. Examples of problems we have resolved include:

  • Detailed inspection leading to the retention of trees where a resident had been told to remove them for safety reasons
  • Justification and mitigation for the removal of a category ‘A’ tree whose loss was unavoidable in the context of the sustainability needs for a strategic development
  • Finding a solution for a new access which would have otherwise harmed large mature trees or been a complex and expensive engineered solution
  • Acting for a client who had protected trees topped by rouge traders and faced prosecution allegations from the LPA
  • The removal of a boundary tree without accessing the neighbour’s property to do so
  • Working with transport consultants to find an access into a site that meets appropriate standards yet allows for the retention of trees.
  • Avenue management report as mitigation for traffic calming measures
  • Amenity valuation assessments using CAVAT and Helliwell systems

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