Woodland and Veteran Trees

Ancient woodland is any area that has been continuously wooded since at least 1600 AD. Veteran trees are trees with large trunk diameters implying advanced age for the species and which display signs of ancientness. Both are irreplaceable habitats and their retention and protection is enshrined in the national planning policy framework (NPPF) and both require buffer zones to ensure the continuation of the environment in which they are growing. The relevant services we provide include:

  • Commercial woodlands and forestry
  • Amenity and conservation woodlands
  • Compartment description and mapping
  • Management for safety or restoration of neglected woodlands
  • Management plans, including felling, thinning, coppicing or replanting
  • Safeguarding habitats, or protected species including badgers and bats
  • Visitor management
  • Fire and crop protection

Detailed assessment and management recommendations for veteran trees, including;

  • Specialized tree age assessment, using non-invasive measurement and calculation techniques
  • Core sampling and analysis
  • Corroborative background and historical research
  • Appropriate management and monitoring recommendations

Planning related services include:

  • Tree constraints plan with woodlands, veteran trees and appropriate buffer zones mapped on them
  • Detailed advice to design teams about the retention and protection of these resources
  • Inclusion of additional consideration of the ancient woodland or veteran trees in our reports for planning submission
  • Stand alone reports or management plans to accompany planning application or condition discharge applications

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